ActiveSync slow to accept connections under Windows 10

Mar 3 at 8:36 PM
I've had very good success with the Desktop Communication Library under Windows XP and Windows 7 for an application running at a few hundred sites in a medical scenario. And while Windows 10 x64 appears to support the WMDC just fine, I'm finding that after a successful connection with a device (I'm using guest mode), WMDC (or possibly the Desktop Communication Library) is slow to enter listen mode again for another connection.

I can see the events fire as the library emits a status line into the debugger's output pane ("Listen", "Active", "Disconnect", etc). When "Listen" appears, connecting a device yields a good connection and followup processing. But after that good connection, by looking at the debugger's output window, that "Listen" state does not occur again immediately. Connecting a device during this time will not achieve a connection. When "Listen" does appear again, the device will connect to the PC just fine. It appears the re-"Listen" time can be 3-5 minutes or more, which makes for a bad situation when the customer expects an reasonably fast device-to PC-connection to occur.

Again, this same exact app performs well under Windows XP and Windows 7. With late versions of Windows 10 (1607) and with WMDC 6.1, when used with the latest Desktop Communication Library, ActiveSync is slow to prepare itself for subsequent connections. If I terminate my app, and perform a 10 times connect test with a device, ActiveSync immediately connects the device to the PC all ten times, with no delay seen.

If anyone has seen or understands this issue and might have a workaround (code or otherwise), please let me know. Thanks.
Apr 11 at 11:42 PM
I think I'm seeing similar issues, cbc700. I haven't tested different OS versions yet, for me the issue is with the mobile hardware. Old MC3090 running CE 5.0 seems to connect and disconnect reliably, both with WMDC and my software. But new MC3200 running Mobile 7.0 has big issues with my app using OpenNetCF Desktop.

OpenNETCF Desktop seems to lose synchronization with the device after a disconnect, and interferes with WMDC until my app closes.