Can not get CopyFileToDevice to work under WCF Service

Sep 8, 2011 at 7:06 PM

OS: Win 7 Utlimate 32bits

Service developed in VS2010 and Mobile app in VS2008

2 Devices: 1 in Pocket PC 2003 & 1 in Mobile 6


I am using OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication library version 2.9.4 with my WCF service using VS2010. The service is called from a MVC web application but I am testing it from the .Net tool WcfTestClient.exe. My service is extracting data from the database when the WCF service method is called. It create Xml file to a folder and the OpenNet communication dll copy the Xml file on to the device.

When I ran the service under debug from VS2010, and add service under localhost:xxxx (port no), the service seems copy to the device correctly. When I published to local IIS it's failed to copy the Xml file to the device. I guess it might be some sort of permission but I am not sure where to look.

I am pretty new to WCF service development and my knowledge of IIS 6 & 7 not terrific, any one can help will be great. Thanks for reading and help.